Everything you need to know about PenWes



Everything you need to know about PenWes


What is PenWes software?

PenWes is free software that protects you when you’re surfing the Web. More specifically, PenWes blocks websites that present a danger to Internet users. These either download malicious software or broadcast fraudulent adverts or sales websites that never deliver your purchases.


Why is PenWes installed on my computer?

PenWes is installed on your computer because you installed it. PenWes cannot be installed on your computer without your authorisation. PenWes is distributed in two ways:
- Directly via the PenWes website
- Together with other software whose publishers have found it useful and recommend their users install it. In practical terms, when you install another piece of software, it recommends you install PenWes. You can always decline. The screen below shows you how our software is recommended to you. You can install it by clicking Accept or not install it by clicking Decline. We never force you to install our software and neither button is selected as default. If the software has been installed on your computer, it’s because you (or another person using our computer) clicked Accept.


How to uninstall PenWes from my computer?

PenWes is uninstalled like any other software: simply open the Windows Control Panel and select the Uninstall a program option.


Is PenWes a virus or spyware?

PenWes is never installed on any PC without the authorisation of the user as states above. What’s more, PenWes does not access or transmit your personal. Quite the opposite, PenWes prevents the installation of viruses on your PC and stops your personal data being stolen. PenWes never performs any operation without your authorisation. Lastly, PenWes is simply to uninstall from your PC using the usual procedure as indicated in this section.


Can Internet access be disrupted after the installation of PenWes?

PenWes is uninstalled without any issue on almost all systems. More than 20,000 people have uninstalled PenWes without experiencing any problems. However, a problem may occur for people who have changed Internet provider while PenWes was installed. When you uninstall PenWes, it returns the settings on your PC to those in place when it was installed. If these settings have changed, Internet access may be disrupted. To get it running smoothly again, just follow these simple steps:
- Ensure that you have administrator access on your computer
- Open the network connections
- Right click on the local network connection (if the PC is connected to the Internet by cable) or on the wireless network connection (if the PC is connected to the Internet by Wi-Fi)
- Select Properties
- Select Internet Protocol TCP/IP
- Click on Properties
- Select Obtain DNS servers automatically
- Confirm by clicking OK, close all windows and restart your PC.